Last week we had our first snow experience in Winston-Salem and boy oh boy was it exciting.  We got a whole two inches and all the schools shut down for three days and I got to leave work early and come in late and most of Will's classes got cancelled.

It was awesome.

Sometimes I feel like telling people here that one time it snowed four feet of snow on my birthday when we lived in Pinetop.  My birthday is in April.

But then I'm like nah, betta not.  I'm all for snow days, way to go North Carolina, better safe than sorry right?

In other news, last week we celebrated Will's birthday.  I got him a dozen Krispy Kremes in lieu of birthday cake because donuts are way better than cake in our humble opinions...

Also, fun fact, if you go to Krispy Kremes and buy a dozen donuts they will give you a pack of valentine's that are coupons for one free donut that you can give to your friends or use for yourself to keep getting more donuts...(not saying which one I'm doing...)

 [Will posing with his birthday gift - a new tennis racket]

It was fun to celebrate Will's birthday, but honestly I'm glad we have moved on from January to February.  I'm getting ready for things to start warming up.  Plus, now it's February which means we get to watch a bunch of sports that we only care about every four years for the next two weeks. Right now I'm watching women's cross country skiing and the announcers are way intense - like everyone competing has the fate of the human race on their shoulders...I love it. 

Last night we had fun watching the opening ceremonies, though they felt a lot longer than usual for me, but Will was very excited about all the Russian-ness.  

And so was I, obviously...


olderockhouse said...

I totally laughed out loud... and so was I, obviously... Your face is priceless. I love Will's excitement about all things Russian. So cute. It also made me laugh at how droll your description of the snow days was. You are a talented writer Miss Hannah ;D

Jared + Carly Reid said...

hahahahaha love this!!! That hat is perfect. So is your face, hahaha. and ever since you shared the donut idea for will's birthday last year, i have adopted thank you! :) donuts are so much better than cake!

Nicolina Rose said...

hahaha i love it

Phillip Hale said...

Ah, the very spirit of Mother Russia!